Henruitech Hardware Components

All Of Our Hardware Adopting Advanced Materials From High-Technology Factory (Dust-Free Productions Line With Precise CNC Machine Do Full Testing Process etc).

All Henruitech hardware are produced in advanced CNC machine, With powerful engineer ability, we can print samples in very fast way.

Henruitech Components-Unique Design, Powerful Engineer Team work project with Smart Structures

Henruitech Battery

All Of Our Battery Adopting Advanced Materials From High-Technology Factory (Dust-Free Productions Line With Precise Machine Do Fll Testing Process etc), Battery Is Core Component In Vaporizer /E cigarette Device.

All Henryitch Battery are produced in Dast-Free Workshops Completely

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Henruitech Battery-High safety
performance lnternal insulation design

Main performance comparison-
cylindrical polymer batteries 18650-2000mAh

Henruitech Package Process

All Of Our Package do in big factory (They do for big phone brands overworld) With Precise Heidelberg Printing Machines. Good Package can enhance braning, leave impressive feelings to consumers, our company attach great importance in this field, and deeply work with good supplier achieved top level, For details are perfect (Special Printing Process like UV Coating, Golding etc), even tiny characters can display in high-definitions solutions.

All Henruitech Package cooperate with good supplier achieved advanced quality. high-definitions and colors in impressive way.

Henruitech Safety Motherboard

All Of Our Motherboard adopting good quality solutions-safety and long use circles. With functions (1.Warning Function of Timeout 2.Short Circuit Protection. 3.Warning Function of Low Voltage etc.

Motherboard is brain of Vaporizer, It’s the most important component in device, safety and quality is first priority factor need to be taken into considerations, Henruietch can guaranteed this for our clients.

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