Henruitech QS Control (Medical Devices)

Quality Policy
*All take participation.
*Details are focused.
*Improvements are running.
*Requirements are realized.

Quality Commitment
*Implement ISO19485 quality management system.
*Deeply rooted the quality ideology into everyone’s heart.
*Continuously raise up the management & product quality level.

Henruitech Project Management

  • Training and qualification of personnel;
  • Product design controls;
  • Documentation controls;
  • Purchasing controls;
  • Identification and traceability throughout production;
  • Production and process;
  • Definitions and controls for inspection, measurement and testing equipment;
  • Nonconforming product controls;
  • Corrective and preventive actions and controls;
  • Labeling and packaging controls;
  • Handling, storage, distribution, and installation;

Henruitech Battery-High safety
performance lnternal insulation design

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Henruitech Battery-High safety
performance lnternal insulation design

Main performance comparison-
cylindrical polymer batteries 18650-2000mAh

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