1. My Oilax device turns on but doesn’t start heating
  • please make sure to notice, after you turn it on, the battery level shows first. AFTER the battery level indicator light goes out, you may choose the temperature/start heating by holding the button down until you see the indicator light.
  1. My Oilax device charge, doesn’t turn on
  • please unscrew the battery part, and remove the silicone tip from the top of the battery (if there is one)
  • if it still does not charge, before you contact us, please try a different micro USB charger, if you have one at home
  1. My Oilax Device red light flashes 3 times, then turns off (when I am trying to use it)
  • Please take out the battery, and put battery back (most of the times this resolves the issue of small shortage which might be the cause)
  • This can happen if battery is depleted also.
  1. I don’t see much smoke!
  • The Oilax device produces vapor, it eliminates most of the smoke. So you will see a thinner ‘smoke’ called vapor. (don’t get mislead by the less amount of ‘smoke’, the procedure of vaporizing helps you extract the best components of leafs, what you would burn away smoking.
  1. How do I clean the Oilax device?
  • You can use the brush to clean the chamber. The glass mouthpiece is easy to clean, low maintenance. Also use brush to clean the screen. The rubber mouthpiece is also easy to clean, just take out the metal part and throw it in some rubbing alcohol.

If this Q&A did not help, please send us an email with any issue you may have.

To redeem warranty, please send us an email to support@oilax.com with your name and date of warranty registration.