More than 4000M2 Dust-Free factories and own Plastic mould factories,
High quality process guaranteed. Our members all are enthusiastic with open-heart and effective teamwork,
ID engineer who services in phone industry more than 18 years and five MD engineers give excellent support
make the design into smart structures with friendly-use features.



We owns our own production facility, we are able to control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.
With the ability to control our own supply chain, we ensure that each product is made to our top quality standards and
then undergoes the scrutiny of test and reviewway.

Oilax Hardware Components

All Of Our Hardware Adopting Advanced Materials From High-Technology Factory (Dust-Free Productions Line With Precise CNC Machine Do Full Testing Process etc).
All Oilax hardware is produced in advanced CNC machine, With powerful engineer ability, we can print samples in a very fast way.

Oilax Plastic Moulding and Quality

Our advantages are we have own plastic molding factories ourselves with a range of different machine can keep guaranteed good quality and process. With inner teamwork ID engineer and MD engineer and Moulding engineer work effectively based on the project, we can take quick actions to make any adjustment. A different industry with its professional knowledge, we combined it together and make it can be used in the vaporizer industry well.

Oilax Battery

All Of Our Battery Adopting Advanced Materials From High-Technology Factory WES (Dust-Free Productions Line With Precise Machine Do Full Testing Process etc), China biggest company work with them in TV industry like Skyworth, New power Car industry, and Phone industry, also vaporizer industry. Battery Is Core Component In Vaporizer /E-cigarette Device. For keep guaranteed strong branding awareness and reputations, we won’t adopt any potential quality risk cell from other resources.
All Oilax Battery is produced in Dast-Free Workshops Completely.

Oilax Package

For branding aspect considerations, package is also important way to leave a deep impression, it usually can be seen obviously by printing process with high definitions, all details inner like each corner and sides would be quite nice, we never save money in it and we keep excellent relations with our supplier, they work with OPPO etc big phone giant in China, we have confidence in our way make it standard like phone levels. All details we make and draw attentions with heart.